Ab Workout For 6 Packs Abs

Who doesn’t wants to have a solid looking abs? Abs workout for achieving a six pack requires you to do much more than sit-ups. You have to work much harder in order to achieve those six pack abs. Your daily physical routine will not be enough for you to reach at your end result. In order to get a flat stomach, you need to combine your exercise with a balanced diet and boost the process with an abs toning belt. Here are some abs workouts for achieving a six pack.

Crunches and weight

Crunches are the best and most effective way for achieving a solid flat body. Crunches not only work on your abs but, they also work on your oblique. Holding a dumbbell to your chest when you are performing the crunch will target a large part on your abs and it will help in building the muscles in a much faster way. You may think crunches as a simple exercise but, they are very effective when it comes to targeting the abs areas.


Planks are considered a very effective exercise for making your abs firm and flat. It helps you in toning the mid-section and when it is done along with an abs toning belt, it can give you the best shape of your life. Here is how you do it:

  • Start with a position exactly as the push-up and hold your hands on the floor beneath your shoulders.
  • Hold this position for at-least 30 seconds while your abdominal should be contracted all the time.
  • Keeps your legs extended and head aligned with the spine.
  • Try going for a deep exercise by doing it with one-arm.

Pilates Hundred

This exercise is capable of engaging your obliques, front and back core. This abs exercise is very popular and also considered an effective way to reduce the fat around the belly. Here is how you do it:

  • Sit straight on the mat or floor with your knees bent by the chest and your hands should be at your sides.
  • Lie down with your knees bent while the palm of your hands should be facing down.
  • Now, exhale and slowly raise your shoulders and head from the floor.
  • Push your arms about 6 inches up and down, reaching with your fingers.

Boosting the process!

In order to boost the process, use an abs toning belt with it that is fully approved by the FDA for your safety. It will increase your workout thus helping you to achieve your end result in a much faster time.

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